Enjoy the Present Moment

Profitez du Moment Présent


Enjoy the present moment

There's a quote from E. Roosevelt that makes it easy to understand what I'm about to tell you about:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift ».

This gift is called the present, but do we really enjoy these moments?

Most of the time, our mind takes over and our thoughts are in turmoil. What prevents us from living serenely. However, there is no bandter moment than the present time ! Should we be able to take full advantage of it? With the rhythm of life, worries, work and everything that fills our life, we live all the time, at 100 per hour. We are physically present, but our minds are always occupied elsewhere.

So enjoy this article now. 😊


What does it mean to "enjoy the moment"? 

As simple as it may seem, enjoy this moment means that we are able to live in the moment, without thinking ; nor in the past, nor in the futureee. It is the ability to detach from all the thoughts that invade us. More concretely, when we live in the moment, we take the time to observe, To feel and of to feel. We consider everything around us as if we were in slow motion somehow. In these moments, we ignore everything that could have happened, or will happen. We are physically and mentally here.

I have an example, which will surely speak to you: rememberyou or imagine yourself about to get on a thrill ride. You wait your turn in the queue: either you laugh with your entourage (which is fine). Well, you're currently imagining all the possible disaster scenarios, right? So, for now, it's a miss! But, once the ride starts, do you have time to think about anything else? No, you live in the moment, you scream, you laugh, you raise your hands. In short, the adrenaline is so present and the sensations so incredible, that you can try to think, but, normally, it does not work. 😊. Fortunately, we can also enjoy the present moment, without a merry-go-round 😉. It's like everything, it works.


Why is it so hard to stay in the moment?

You'll soon realize why we can't really stay in the moment:

When we lock in the past, we are filled with regret or remorse, even guilt. You know the famous phrases "I should have", "if I could have", "if I had known". Or "why did I do that?" ", "Why didn't I say that? ". In reality, these are only negative thoughts about past events, which can no longer be changed. Which brings us to the sadness, to the nostalgia, in short, a summary of bad energies 😉.

When we think of futur, are we in peace with perfect planning? Or are we more of a guessing type? AT anticipate non-existent situations? If you are in case no. 1, then congratulations, it's great to be able to live serenely with neither apprehension nor fear. For the most part, we are in the second case, in addition as women, our thoughts overwhelm us enormously. Not to mention the mental load with the management of daily life, children, work, etc.

All these thoughts, which invade your mind, get your mind going! How strong is this mind! It is he who makes us imagine a whole host of things, even the most improbable. In our society, this mind is very solicited. If we don't take care to channel it, we lose many precious moments.


How do we know if we are enjoying the moment?

Do you have memories that remind you of feelings of well-being ? A sensation and a feeling of total happiness? Congratulations, you have already experienced the joy of enjoying the moment 😊.

enjoy a moment, without a second thought, without any other concern than what you were doing during this precise moment. Just remember your feelings, don't you want to experience that on a daily basis?

Sometimes when we think back to all those moments of happiness, they seem too short to us and we are overwhelmed by nostalgia. Why be nostalgic when you can relive those feelings more times than you can imagine? We just don't really know how to enjoy the present moment.

In fact, this feeling of intense happiness can be found in trivial little things : a hug with his child where we think only of the love we exchange. A walk in the forest where we listen and observe the life of nature. The present moment is lived by letting go of everything else 😊.


Tips for enjoying the moment: 

Finding and listening to our inner child:

A toddler lives only in the present moment. He doesn't have a memory yet and doesn't worry about the future. He lives all his emotions in a torrential way, he has no filter. Observe a child in his bath, he is only having fun. When you him ask to go out is often "no, I want to stay again". Because, yes, it is good, he is simply enjoying this moment of well-being.

Besides, a child lives in permanent carelessness, the first fears of a child are frequently transmitted by adults. We all kept our child's soul, you just have to find it, free it and cultivate it. It will be easier to live intense moments like a toddler. Frankly, our inner child offers an incredible escape. I myself reconnected to him, even if I still have work to do, these are exceptional moments.


Letting go of our daily life:

Anticipate and worry for the next day, gives us knots in the brain, but does not change anything. It is very complicated to let go of life and problems, it is human. Then above all, it is often in our education. However, any habit can be stopped working on it. Even letting go 😊. I advise you in the first short guided meditation sessions, 10 minutes maximum. You will learn to let go. However, if you are not a fan of this practice, start well with short sessions. Our concentration time is limited at the start. Take the time to learn and extend the sessions, when they start to seem too short 😊.


Let our thoughts pass without dwelling on them:

You will also learn this by meditating, but already in a conscious way you can start. In general, when a thought arises, it generates others. AT this moment, we must do our best to return to our consciousness. If a thought comes to you, you must try to visualize her leaving, as if she was just passing through. It is when you focus on this thought that your mind takes over and monopolizes you. We will never be able to press a "stop" button to stop "ruminating", it's a shame. Nevertheless, we can mitigate this excessive flow that floods us.


A simple exercise to get to enjoy the moment:

There are several exercises, I've chosen one to help you get in and stay in the present moment as the days go by:


In the morning upon waking:

  • Schedule different times of the day during which you will pay attention to your emotions. You will observe what is happening within you and around you. You can write down the moments you want to work on, so you don't forget them.

At the end of the day :

  • Think back to your day. Try as much as possible to come back to your sensations and the emotions you felt. Write down the moments when you lived "automatically" and try to live them differently the next day.

Before to sleep :

  • Once in your bed, make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and visualize your day, moment by moment. Try to stop on the moments lived, in an automatic way (breakfast, going to work, etc.). Ask yourself, what you might be feeling: physical and emotional sensations. As if you had experienced them consciously, taking advantage of the moment.


It may seem difficult, but the more the days go by, the more you will do this exercise automatically. Over time, you will find that you will experience more and more conscious moments. 😊


Here we come to the end of this article on the present time et comment benefit. I hope you liked it, that you could understand how we waste our time thinking way too much 😉.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments. You can also leave us your suggestions, if you want to have specific items. We would love to write about topics that inspire you 😊.

See you soon for new positive vibes 😊.


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