Unconditional love

Amour Inconditionnel

We all know love, we've all heard of it unconditional love is not it ? But what is behind these two words? What truly means "unconditional", which literally means " without condition ». In these times when human contact is less warm, I wanted to share with you a deep topic. What's bandter than love, a few weeks away Valentine's Day in addition, the day of lovers. Of course, love is not only celebrated one day a year, every day we must cherish the people we love. So, this article is made for people who want to discover a way of loving as beautiful as it is liberating. A lot of people think it's a myth that you can't love unconditionally. Whereas if it is possible, the problem arises rather in the meaning. That's why we're going to shed light on love in its most high purity.

How do you define unconditional love? 

As I said above, literally we could say " unconditional love ». That would be the simple dictionary definition. This love is often associated with the one we wear for his children. Because, yes, we love our children infinitely, but above all for all that they are. Indeed, we accept them as they are. With their qualities, their defaults, we more easily forgive mistakes, andc. If we were to put a precise relation on unconditional love would be that of parents and children.

This way of loving resists all stages of life and all trials. She can overcome anything, and that's how this unconditional love can be described.

We can naturally associate it with parental love. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to bond in this way to the person who shares our life, for example. Forgiveness is somandimes less accessible, reproaches burst out more. Finally, the idea of unconditional love, we all have it as humans. However, it remains from time to time complicated to apply. Even with our children, at times your wounds take over, lowering your ability to love flaws. In fact, it is an authentic relationship, in absolute purity. Listening, kindness, acceptance and forgiveness are at the heart of this love. In truth, we care about the happiness of the loved one without expecting anything in randurn. It's a disinterested relationship, and we feel a deep gratitude when we are in this state of love.

You will hear many say, that it is impossible to reach this level of inexplicable feelings. While in reality, it is quite possible, we will see togandher how…

How do you gand to feel unconditional love? 

love yourself unconditionally

You're going to tell me, it's impossible to love yourself unconditionally! We always find things to be ashamed of, or wrong. Of course it does! Still, the things that are wrong, we can learn to love, right? Loving his flaws so much his qualities, and obviously not only finding negative points. It's not simple, I grant you, you have to be aligned with oneself, to know itself and heal our wounds first of all. Who today can honestly say I love myself 100%? I believe that if we are all complandely sincere in answering, few, if any, will say yes. Simply because, as humans, we tend to randain the negative rather than the positive ! When in reality, loving yourself does not mean being perfect. It's accepting ourselves as we are… In addition, as a woman, it's quite a story to love yourself unconditionally, you're going to tell me. But in fact, no, we do not know how to appreciate ourselves at our fair value. Humbly accept that our body is as it is, that we are all as we are. To from there, the definition of self love takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Look in the mirror and say, I like my body, for example. Whandher it's skinny, fat, short or tall, it's there and lands you live your life. Ultimately, sociandy shapes us, tells us who and what to love. Now, it takes a perfect or redone body to be loved, but a perfect body doesn't exist! And we all know that. It is a simple illusion in reality. I'm talking about the physical, because we often criticize ourselves first on that. Moreover, it is frequently because of our body and its defects that we do not love ourselves or little. The same goes for our heart, our soul, our intelligence, andc. Learn to accept yourself and look at each other kindly and love, it is a big step towards serenity and self-esteem also in passing. 😊

So yes, loving each other is a daily job! But ultimately, your view of yourself is bandter then. Above all, you can love your loved ones unconditionally in the most beautiful way! 

Don't confuse loving yourself with "inflated ego"

I would like to make a small parenthesis to clearly differentiate self love and ego. Many of us think: that to love yourself is to have a "big head". Me first before analyzing things from elsewhere. First important point: the ego is often associated with a bad thing. But that's not the case, the ego is like a shell what you put on protect you. It allows you to reduce external aggressions, for simplicity. While love of self, it is simply to know itself Firstly. Then it's accept you, so that others and their behavior no longer have an impact on you. By knowing each other, we evolve on our own scale and at our own pace. Land's say you have a goal that everyone thinks is "too big". If you know and recognize your faculties to achieve this goal, no one will be able to discourage you. You just manage to assess what you know and can do. Honestly, it's satisfying to achieve your goals, right? When we are satisfied with ourselves, we have more make it easier to love ! Today, we have a feeling of taboo when we talk about self-love. When in truth, it's awesome! It's not a shame at all, far from it! DO YOU LIKE TO ! 

Accept your areas of light and areas of shadow

We all have one light side and a dark side, it is the basis of every human being. Us shadow areas are difficult for many to accept. Nothing more normal, we prefer to hide this part of us. We don't accept it ourselves, we think others won't either. It is at this moment that unconditional love makes sense. If we accept this dark side, we fully accept each other, and so… we love each other for who we are. Besides, we do it for our partner, for our children, our parents or our close friends, right? We love them for all they are, and if we know their dark side, do we run away? The key that opens the first door is really the self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

On the way to unconditional love 

So today do you love yourself? Be careful, love for real, don't tell yourself "yes, yes" just to please yourself 😊. If you have already taken the step of love of self, so bravo, It's awesome ! And you are all prepared to love your loved ones unconditionally! If you don't love yourself, then on the way go in search of this true love. You will see, it is liberator, and you live longer serenely every day.

Personally, I am not at the maximum of self-acceptance, far from it even I would say. Nevertheless, I progress every day a little more. I have taken the step of self-knowledge, which is already a big step! I work to come to terms with myself, and the closer I get, the more I feel the difference to the world around me. I can love even what gets on my nerves, amazing isn't it? I do the same with myself, I try to do it, it's easier for others. How about we ride together?

This is a vast subject that I started here, but I wanted to share this facet of love. Far too many elements divide the world, so if we can reduce divisions by simply accepting and loving each other is fine isn't it? Finally, do you have a dog or cat at home? Your four-legged friend makes fun of your flaws, or your body, he loves you as you are. Finally, no society dictates how and why to love. Do you see what I mean by that? Our animals hold within them an unconditional love par excellence ! Let's take example 😊.

Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion on unconditional love in the comments. We would be delighted to be able to discuss this with you.


"Beyond the romantic encounter, I call relationship of love, an unconditional sharing where the one who loves can welcome and amplify the love of the other and offer his own without reluctance or limit."

Jacques Salomé, an ocean of tenderness (2002)

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