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La fleur de vie – géométrie sacrée

The flower of life – sacred geometry

The flower of life – sacred geometry Do you know this flower with amazing powers ? This flower which has a regenerating effect on the body and the mind : THE FLOWER OF LIFE . Much more than a flower, it is a sacred geometric shape widely used in lithotherapy and spirituality . Do you want to know more about this little wonder? Stay with us, the Flower of Life will have no more secrets for you at the end of this article. We will start by giving you its meaning , what are its benefits and how to use...

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La méditation – qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Meditation – what is it?

Meditation is qualified as both a mental practice and a method of deep relaxation. It is a mental practice, because it requires concentration on the present moment.

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Le pardon, savoir se pardonner à soi-même et aux autres.

Forgiveness, knowing how to forgive oneself and others.

Forgiveness, knowing how to forgive oneself and others. Everyone already has granted his forgiveness Where request forgiveness in his life. Sometimes this term is used for much of excuses, even of force to be in peace. In truth, it is an important word and deed, which can be used for many reasons. Moreover, it is a term that remains vague, forgiveness is more than an act in itself. It's a certain philosophy to adopt on a daily basis. Indeed, there is the act of forgiving a person , but also a situation. In this article, we will review the term forgiveness in its generality , and...

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La Journée Internationale de la Terre Nourricière

International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day Every year, for more than 50 years now, the world celebrate the planet, the April 22. The mother earth day is the most important environmental event in the world. This day is an opportunity to organize actions for to raise awareness the world on the environment. It's no longer a secret, our Earth is in danger. Nevertheless, knowing the challenges, we can change things. We dedicate this article to this day and to actions for the planet. Let's take a quick look back at the history of this awareness day. Next, we will explain the different ways of participate in actions. Afterwards we will see that one day is good,...

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