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Comment arrêter de procrastiner pour pouvoir agir maintenant

How to stop procrastinating so you can take action now

Do you find yourself constantly putting off important tasks? Do you find yourself on social media or watching Netflix instead of working on a project or task that needs to be done? If so, procrastination may be the culprit. Here are some tips to help you act now and stop procrastinating.

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Embrasser la nouvelle lune sacrée avec 5 rituels

Kiss the sacred new moon with 5 rituals

Women have celebrated the new moon for centuries. It is a moment of renewal, reflection and release. Each month we can take advantage of this sacred occasion to set intentions, manifest our dreams, and connect with the divine feminine energy within us. Here are five rituals you can adopt to welcome each new moon.

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10 idées pour égayer ta journée en 2023

10 ideas to brighten your day in 2023

We've all been through a lot since 2020, and there are still so many challenges and changes facing us. With 2021 almost behind us, let's look to the rest of 2023 and see what ideas we can come up with to brighten our days! Here are 10 ideas that you can use yourself or share with your friends.

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Comment les mantras peuvent transformer votre état d'esprit ?

How can mantras transform your state of mind?

In today's world, it's easy to be overwhelmed and anxious. The constant notifications of information, the juggling of work and family life, and the pressure to always be productive can take a toll on your mental health. One way to stop this madness is to incorporate mantras into your daily life.

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