The Angels Team



 We are happy to present to you  "Team of Angels".  

"Behind every great man is a great woman."

- Fabien Sullivan Grandfils


Les filles de la Team des Anges


At ORANGE AMOUR, there are 4 great women who are present and not behind, but alongside, because we like to move forward together.

Laurent is a bit like the Charlie of these 4 funny ladies or Charlies Angels, the 4 angels who work every day for the well-being of the brand and yours.

Each one embodies the values of ORANGE AMOUR and contributes to founder Laurent's dream, which is to bring something positive to everyone while taking care of the planet. It is also his IKIGAI (reason for being in Japanese).

But, who are the ORANGE AMOUR angels?


Photo Murielle


Co-founder of the brand and faithful friend for 20 years.

Sign : Bull

Role : Co-founder


What she brings to ORANGE LOVE: Positive psychology and the spiritual touch.

Consultant to entrepreneur and Life Coach, she always keeps us in high energy. A former stylist for 20 years, she also oversees design and development.

Favorite Quote: "A path of 1000 places begins with one step" - Lao Tzu

Current/favorite book: "Being in his place" - Claire Marin



Photo Catherine


Communication and Customer Relations Manager

Sign : Virgin

Role : Customer Relationship Manager (you) 

Favorite Mantra: OVERCOME

What she brings to ORANGE AMOUR: The answers to each of your messages.

Thanks to Catherine, you receive a message in record time with a smile as a bonus.

She is always there for you, so that the exchanges are harmonious.

Favorite Quote: "The secret to living well and long is: Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure."

Current/favorite book: "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" - Kundera



Photo Claudia


The golden hands that prepare each of your envelopes and small dedicated message.

Sign : Gemini

Role : Logistics Manager

Favorite Mantra: BELIEVE

What she brings to ORANGE AMOUR: The confidence that makes everything go well.

Thanks to Claudia, you have your shipments prepared at lightning speed, with great care, lots of love and precision, concerned about your satisfaction and the quality of what you will receive.

Claudia is very committed to women and likes to take care of everyone.

Favorite Quote: "It is at night that it is beautiful to believe in light" - Edmond Rostand

Current/favorite book: "To Kill a Mockingbird" - Harper Lee



Photo Vanessa


Role : Editor and responsible for ambassador partnerships.

Sign : Capricorn


What she brings to ORANGE AMOUR: Choosing partnerships with ORANGE AMOUR ambassadors

Thanks to Vanessa, the inspiration is present in the blog articles, the mantras of the month and above all she makes sure to enlighten you on the meaning of the mantras you choose.

She's the youngest of the team.

Favorite Quote: "To a valiant heart nothing is impossible, and the heart has its reasons that reason ignores"

Current/favorite book: "Ask and you shall receive" – Esther and Jerry Hicks



ORANGE AMOUR is not just a brand of jewelry-mantras, it is above all a positive community.

We love to bring a touch of joy into your lives.

We attach great importance to taking care of our beautiful planet.

We are committed by joining forces with causes such as reforestation, Pink October (campaign for the fight against breast cancer) and many others. (See page "Our Commitments")

We make sure that our service is as impeccable as possible, we always do our best with you in mind.

Team ORANGE AMOUR are beautiful people who are vibrant with love and gratitude, for whose mission it is to bring rays of sunshine into your daily life.

Founded on the values of ethics, contribution, joy, integrity and respect, ORANGE AMOUR and its angels like to bring you a breath of positive waves.


We love you, you will have understood, ORANGE AMOUR is also you! 


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