Meditation – what is it?

La méditation – qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Meditation – what is it? 

Do you know meditation ? Do you practice it? Despite the age of this practice, it has only recently been immersed in the daily life of the French. Indeed, during the first confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic, many discovered this practice. Moreover, surveys prove it: a famous meditation application, “Petit Bambou”, carried out a survey. It turns out that 37% of respondents tested for the first time during confinement . 85% say they have tried and 1 in 5 people meditate regularly . We wanted to send you the history of meditation as well as different methods known in the world. A brief overview of this very interesting relaxation technique . As life goes faster and faster, what better way to relieve stress than meditation ? Let's find out:


Meditation: explanations

Meditation is qualified as both a mental practice and a method of deep relaxation . It is a mental practice, because it requires a concentration on the present moment . Some people need several sessions before they get there. Indeed, not everyone manages to let go easily. Once the practice has been acquired, we can take full advantage of the benefits : relaxation , tranquility , an intense feeling of well-being .

Meditation: history and origins

Meditation originated in India over 5,000 years ago . It quickly spread throughout Asia. In the West , it will only be necessary to wait until the 18ᵉ century before it makes its appearance . She is born in a Buddhist spiritual way . Finally, meditation became more democratic and popular around the 1960s , with the practice of Yoga . Know that before being a method of relaxation, it was a path to knowledge . Today, meditation is used by many people without religious use. It is equated with spiritual awakening more than religion.

According to the methods, it can be turned towards a religion or not. Just as it can simply help to sleep well or relieve stress. Also, it can help develop

his spirituality, to connect to a higher consciousness.




What are the different methods of meditation?

Guided meditation

Guided meditation is great for people just starting out. Indeed, you just have to follow the voice , which helps you relax and let go . This voice guides you to ground yourself in the present moment . It can be accompanied by soft, relaxing music or the sounds of nature : waves, birds, etc. The voice also invites you to let your thoughts pass, do not dwell on them. It often also asks you to breathe consciously, to concentrate on your breathing, which promotes relaxation.

More and more mobile apps dedicated to meditation are available for free. The Little Bamboo that I quoted in the introduction, for example, or Calm , Namatata , etc. If you practice occasionally, Youtube also offers many guided meditations.

Mindfulness meditation

Unlike guided meditation, mindfulness takes place differently. You are the only master on board, it can be practiced anywhere and at any time. The objective of this method is to be able to focus on the present moment . Your attention is only on what is happening around you, without any judgment . Also, you notice people passing by without judging them (without any thought). You are attuned to the sounds around you. You pay attention to smells . You focus exclusively on the emotions running through you and your breathing . You hide thoughts , assumptions , judgments , etc. Anything that distracts you from the moment.

This practice is widely used during a walk in nature . This environment is a very good place for mindfulness . Calm resides in nature . However, you can also do it while cooking , or on public transport . Whether you are resting on a deckchair , or simply listening to music .

Vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation is over 2500 years old and originated with Buddha . This form of meditation takes place in the lotus position . Back straight , eyes closed , you breathe deeply . From there, every thought, every emotion, every judgment, will be welcomed without being judged . You let go by breathing deeply . Staying focused on the breath helps you stay in the moment . Moreover, we are focused on our way of breathing only. If we stop this focus, we concentrate on the thoughts that come in, etc. This is how our mind takes over. In this case, the meditative state is no more.

For a Vipassana meditation , it is recommended to practice it for about thirty minutes .

Zazen meditation

Zazen meditation comes from Japan . Only the position changes compared to Vipassana meditation. Here, the objective is to position yourself in front of yourself . You sit in silence facing a wall . Your mind needs to be freed up to focus on your posture and your breathing , only. Then, when a thought crosses your mind, imagine that thought is a cloud just passing through the sky . The sky is blue, calm, this cloud is really just passing. Once you're done, focus again on your breathing and your posture .

meditation with mantra

Mantra meditation is very personalized . Everyone has a catch word or mantra . Do you have a phrase that helps you feel good? In this meditation, you repeat this mantra or word to yourself throughout . You can do this silently or out loud , as you prefer. Repeating a mantra helps you stay focused .

For example, you want to practice a meditation to find peace . Do you know OM SHANTI OM ? This is the mantra of peace . Moreover, many meditations in Asia are practiced with the sound “OM”. This dull sound is source energy , called “Prana”. If you want to meditate to come back to the present moment. You can focus on a phrase like " live in the moment ", or " live in the moment ". A final example, if you want to increase self-esteem and self-love . You can repeat to yourself “I am love”, “I love myself unconditionally”, etc.

Many kinds of meditation exist today. Here, I have presented you with different types, so that you can adopt the one(s) that suits you best. All forms of meditation bring incredible benefits and virtues . If you need a mantra to facilitate your entry into a meditative state , do not hesitate to visit our shop. Our mantra bracelets will help you stay focused on what's important to you and stay positive on all occasions.

Quote: “He who meditates lives in darkness; he who does not meditate lives in blindness. We only have the choice of black.” Victor Hugo.

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