International Mother Earth Day

La Journée Internationale de la Terre Nourricière

International Mother Earth Day

Every year, for more than 50 years now, the world celebrate the planet, the April 22. The mother earth day is the most important environmental event in the world.

This day is an opportunity to organize actions for to raise awareness the world on the environment. It's no longer a secret, our Earth is in danger. Nevertheless, knowing the challenges, we can change things. We dedicate this article to this day and to actions for the planet.

Let's take a quick look back at the history of this awareness day. Next, we will explain the different ways of participate in actions. Afterwards we will see that one day is good, but it is at daily that we need to act. Finally, do you know how ORANGE LOVE work every day to Earth ? We'll tell you everything!

La planète 

The story of this Mother Earth Day:

Creation of Earth Day

April 22, 2022, is organized on 52ᵉ Earth Day. It was in 1969 that the first peace activist launched the idea of a day in the honor of the planet. During a UNESCO conference in San Francisco, John McConnell proposes March 21, 1970, for the first organization. This corresponds to the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Nevertheless, she was sanctioned a few days later. So the US senator Gaylord Nelson proposes to set up a national seminar on theenvironment. Guess what ? They give the date of April 22, 1970. He hired the activist Denis Hayes to be national coordinator. Incidentally, they ended up renaming the event " earth day ». In addition, the event has grown beyond the initial idea thanks to these two men. Since then, this awareness day has always kept the same date. So all April 22 of each year, Earth is celebrated on this spring day.

Today, we are one billion people in 193 countries taking action on April 22!

 La terre sous la pandémie

Earth day 2022 theme.

After two years of "Earth Day at Home" due to the global pandemic. This year, the actions resume for the greatest happiness of all.

This year's theme is: eco-anxiety.

The day is led by the international development NGO Geres. The campaign's slogan is " Let's heal together ».

But what is it eco-anxiety ? It's simply, be afraid of the future of the planet and because of our future on earth also. This is what eco-anxiety is. So that's why this year Earth Day calls for " heal together ». Yes, a sick planet can make us sick in different ways, including anxiety!


How to participate in raising awareness on Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day Banner  

Every year, this day allows us to take a step back from damage to the planet. It is also used to set up actions. Each citizen of the world can organize its own action favor of our earth :

1/ Do you want to take action on this day too, but you have no idea? We help you with the link below, you will find a list of activities and actions that are easy to organize.

Attention, it is important to respect certain rules to organize your event :

  • Positive awareness of citizens on existing solutions and the one we can develop for the environment.
  • Have no discrimination by encouraging everyone to participate
  • Be secular and not present or represent any political party
  • Promote action and education towards the planet
  • Remain "non-commercial". Except for specific partners authorized for that day
  • Be peaceful and supportive
  • Respect the uses of the Earth Day logo and its trademark.

2/ Do you have an event near your city? Want to participate? Enter your name on the form below. It makes it possible to identify the number of participants in France.

3/ If you just want to know the events around you, the official website tells you everything:

4/ You can simply participate while at home, on posting your actions on your social networks with the following hashtags:

  • #TousMaladesJourdelaTerre
  • #HealingTogether
  • #EarthDay2022

Sauver la Terre


The planet needs our actions every day.

One day in the year is unfortunately not enough to save wildlife, the flora and all our beautiful environment. On the contrary, there are very simple gestures that we can do on a daily basis. The "green gestures". You know them for sure, here are some examples:

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth1% for the planet
  • Buy second hand
  • Switch off power strips
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room
  • Go through short circuits (directly from the producer)
  • Recycle your batteries
  • Return expired medication to the pharmacist
  • Prefer public transport or carpooling when possible

This is only a small part of the simple gestures that exist. Adopting a few is already A gesture for the planet. 😊

Not to mention that it is very important to sort waste at most. Or, limit our plastic consumption. Earth pollution also depends on our daily actions and you change in our habits


How ORANGE LOVE works all year round to preserve our Earth.  

ORANGE LOVE mobilizes all year round in its own way to participate in the preservation of the planet :

  • A bracelet purchased = A tree planted, in partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED®, a 501c3 non-profit organization, who dedicate their actions to the reforestation mondiale. To every purchase, you plant a tree. In 2021, nearly 2,000 trees were planted ! We hope to double this figure in 2022.


  • We also donate 1% of our annual turnover to "1% FOR THE PLANET®". This association organizes stocks in the world whole for the saving and protecting the earth among others.

1% for the planet logo

  • For April 22, 2022, we are doubling tree planting. A bracelet purchased = 2 trees planted. A way also to mark this day in honor of our magnificent planet.

We like too educate our community with phrases about trees, forests and nature.

 Attention a la planète 

What can I say in conclusion, except that our small actions today, lead to big actions tomorrow. Let's mobilize the April 22 and every other day of the year. The latest environmental reports are not very good, even bad. It is high time to act for a bright future on a beautiful land. Together, let's save the planet !


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