Gratitude is the memory of our heart.

La gratitude est la mémoire de notre cœur.

Gratitude is the memory of our heart.

In recent years, with the consumer society, humans have been said to be "eternally dissatisfied". However, if gratitude is part of everyday life, dissatisfaction no longer exists. It can be learned from a young age in education, but above all it is felt. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness that can be expressed in different ways. Nevertheless, it is always the same positive energy which animates the being, finally. It is important to know how to know and recognize what makes you happy and makes you feel good.


Feel gratitude every day

By always wanting more than we have, we forget the essential. Of course, you have to set goals. However, while remaining grateful for what we already have and who we are. Every step taken in life should be a victory, no matter how small, it is a step forward, which should be congratulated. You don't need to have millions of dollars in an account to feel gratitude. A very simple example defines this principle very well: various religions offer a prayer before enjoying a meal. They thank their God for having food on their plate. It's a form of gratitude! Even without talking about God or religion, knowing how to recognize the moments of happiness you have felt. A moment with the family, a good meal, a discussion, often small pleasures, but which are important. Thank life, the universe, others or yourself, it doesn't matter. In bad times, too, we can express gratitude. Simply, because nothing happens by chance, we always have something to learn from what we live.

Mother Teresa said "Gratitude to God is accepting everything, even problems with joy."


More than a state of mind, a positive course of action

Feeling gratitude opens the doors of positivity in your daily life. Having a closed and negative mind does not allow us to appreciate the present moment. Waking up in the morning, just grateful to be alive and saying "it's a beautiful day", is a positive feeling, but also one of gratitude. Before living this new day, you are already grateful for what awaits you, it is a beautiful symbol. So, personally, I express my gratitude every day before I go to bed. Some do it by getting up, the main thing is to feel it daily to stay in this atmosphere of fullness.


Jules Renard said "Gratitude can turn your routine into a day of celebration"


Gratitude and Law of Attraction

Does the Great Universal Law of Attraction speak to you? It starts where gratitude begins. By being grateful for what we have, by hiding feelings of lack, frustration, etc. You drive a vector filled with ultra-powerful energy. By feeling the abundance in your heart, you draw it to you. Thus, expressing your gratitude is also a source of beautiful energy that the universe sends back to you.

Truly, if one opens one's heart, gratitude is everywhere. Personally, I feel it in a look, in a hug, in a joyful moment... I see it in my son's eyes, in a flower that blooms in spring, in an enriching exchange with an unknown person. Every moment that life gives us must be felt as unconditional happiness. So yes, it can be difficult to feel that warmth in our hearts during death, illness, or other events. To this moment the gratitude is in our faith in the universe and in the future. It is as if gratitude were the memory of our heart.

Famous quote:

"Gratitude is not seeing the gift, but first seeing the person giving it to you."

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